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ProLandscaper's 30 under 30 award winner

I recently had some fantastic news and was selected as one of this year's "ProLandscaper's 30 Under 30" winners. The ceremony was held at this year's Futurescape 2021 Event at the Excel Center, London.  

ProLandscaper's 30 Under 30 aims to recognise, reward, and promote young rising stars in the UK’s landscaping industry. Some amazing Designers such as Alexandra Noble, Lily Gomm and Tom Massey have also won the award in the past, so to have the opportunity to be a part of the initiative is really humbling - but very exciting. 

I feel really lucky to be in the landscape and horticulture industry and I really want to encourage more young people to see it as a career. Having grown up in rural Devon, I’ve lived in urban environments for over a decade - I missed the connection to nature and wanted to want it to be part of my career. Being exposed to the RHS Shows and chatting to people in the industry helped me decide upon my career direction and I have never looked back!

Young people should be inspired to enter the industry as it underpins an enormous part of everyday life, from the food we eat and the medicine that helps to fight disease to the environment we live and work in. This industry is also vital to help to combat climate change, droughts, and flooding. There is a vast range of jobs within the landscaping industry to suit everyone’s skills. The industry is incredibly welcoming, and I have found everyone to be friendly and willing to offer advice. I hope I can use this award as a springboard to encourage even more people to get involved in this fantastic industry!

Thank you to Jim and Lisa Wilkinson, the Eljays 44 team, and Green-Tech for sponsoring the competition. 

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